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Meet our personal trainers and class instructors.



Meet Paula Man

Paula is the Owner of Performance Fitness. She has been a personal trainer for 19 years and has a diploma in Fitness & Health Promotion. She has managed the Personal Training Department of a large Country Club before heading out onto her own and starting her business 10 years ago. She has done fitness segments on Live TV & also Co-Authored a book.

Paula is a Certified Personal Trainer & BOSU balance trainer, a wife and a mother to 4 beautiful daughters! So she understands busy and stressful lives. That is why she strives to create fun but effective FAST workouts that can be done anywhere.

Paula works with individuals, couples, friends, teams, mom & babies as well as tween and teens. She designs workouts specific to her clients needs and goals all while making it fun and motivating.

Paula also is an Accountability Coach; she works with clients over the phone or virtually to help them set realistic goals for their health and wellness and keep them moving forward to reach those goals in their lives. She believes that having a professional to help guide you when you have some big goals to reach is the difference between sticking with it or falling off the wagon for many. Accountability coaching is amazing for individuals but also as a part of a Wellness program at a business as a part of employee happiness.

Paula LOVES what she does and would LOVE to have you come and see what Performance Fitness is all about.

Paula Man

 Owner & Lead Trainer


Meet Kirstin Harmes

Kirstin Harmes has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She has her Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition from the University of Guelph and is a Can-fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer.

Kirstin is passionate about fitness and making it realistic to fit into your lifestyle. As a busy mom she understands that life can present challenges that make it hard to prioritize our own health. She will provide on going motivation and support to help you focus on your specific fitness goals no matter what life throws at you. Your goal becomes her goal. Kirstin will influence you toward the right lifestyle changes that will bring your fitness and health to the next level.


Kirstin Harmes



“I didn’t like working out before, nor was I ever consistent. I joined Paula & Kirstin’s  bootcamp with a short term goal of getting in shape for my 40th birthday trip in 2019. I not only crushed my goal but have continued with their bootcamps ever since! I love the variety of classes, the flexibility of days/times of the week and the best part is that I’ve never looked or felt better!”

Kelly e.